Friday, March 31, 2017

Culture and Globalization

This weeks reading had the theme of culture within and around globalization.

Globalization is a process but it can be the one to blame when traditions start to change within a culture. Cultures change because new ideas are created and heard by society, which opens the a door for agreement and disagreement. Some cultures agree with globalization and others do not, but the ideas that move globalization through the culture, will imprint itself on the individuals, changing them in a small or large way.

Globalization can be great for cultures and it can also be their demise. Globalization can purge the creativity out of an individual, that creativity can praise a culture or it can appropriate one. Take cornrows for example, this is an idea that has been recently debated by social media. Incidents of white females, celebrities too, wearing cornrows and being "praised" or complemented on them. There are people like myself who believe that its okay for other people who aren't black to wear cornrows, as long as they don't bash another culture who wears them. Then there are some people who believe  that anyone who isn't black wearing cornrows is culture appropriation because they are unconsciously taking from a culture and claiming the hairstyle as a representation of their own creativity. Creativity vs culture appropriation is one argument that results from globalization in cultures, this brings some form of change to each culture by introducing new ideas. I don't know if i can illustrate this in wording but its like a cycle. Starting with an idea, then with agreement or disagreement, followed by a change, then more agreement and disagreement on the previous change, then a change follows the recent argument, and so on until people are tired of discussing it, they leave it be, as they did with the cornrows scenario.

Globalization is a mix between ugly and success because it specific to only one thing like, economics.  Globalization can spread a cultures traditions throughout the world leaving it volnurable to being changed by other cultures who don't have a clue where the tradition even comes from. Giving some people the perception of one culture is being more or less creative than another. The movement of ideas is pretty astounding because it's actually hard to see it move but you know it is because you see it on another continent that you aren't on. The internet is like the best friend and child of globalization, as it gets blamed for changing traditions since its so easy to "learn" about them. I put learn in quotes because the internet isn't always so trustworthy when it comes to finding reliable sources. I never thought I would quote a baboon but one once said"the media creates false news" and in this case the baboon is a little right, maybe not in the context it used but, in this one sometimes the media and the internet uses the flashy appealing details leaving other details out that changes the context that it was originally used for.

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Jason Karian said...

I agree with everything you say in this post, especially at the end. Globalization, when put into the world, spreads and does have easy and hard times assimilating into the thousands of cultures on Earth. How it will go, no one will know, since each culture is different from each other, which makes them unique. And now, people can easily see the pro's and con's of globalization because of the internet, and people can make their own opinions if this movement is really for the better.